Electron and Proton Fluxes According to Geostationary satellite "Electro-L"

Product description: There are electron and proton sensors average readings shown (real time data) from our geo-stationary satellite "Electro-L". Time-averaged quantity is 300 sec. All detectors are oriented along the meridian (to the North). Geometric quotient (effective area) is "0.1" for all sensors. Or, in other words, if you multiply by ten the value in "y" axis, you will get the flux in part./cm2sec ster. Different energetic intervals (10 in all) are shown in curves of various colors.

Target application/users: Product users include spacecraft operations, emergency managers, aviation and communication.

Last 24 hours

Last 3 days

Data source: geo-stationary satellite "Electro-L"

Date stamp and point of contact for the product description: Dr. Burov V. A. (globur2000@yahoo.com, burov@ipg.geospace.ru)